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A punk. A bitch. Two faced.
That shiesta used to be my friend till he poked my girl.
by CC March 08, 2004
evil plans by unversity heads to deprive students of valuable work and or rest time.

serves as a means of destroying the weekend
UTS needs to get over having saturday exams, why not take time out of class you bastards
by cc April 13, 2007
Owned, beaten, raped, humiliated, etc.
<d00d> Omg, he got cnuted so bad
<lmr> lol, owned
<fgt> gg
by CC June 23, 2003
combination of the persons known as 'Lon' and 'Messica' where as a common occurance the sounds of slurping are heard.
Quick, Lonica, get dressed, Dad is coming!
by CC February 24, 2005

1. a feeling of unease due to anxiety about an impending bowel movement

2. a feeling of unease due to a desire to eliminate one's bowels, specifically accompanied by an inability to perform this function

3. both of the above can be caused by the urge to move one's bowels in places considered uncomfortable, such as public restrooms or bathrooms in houses of people you know well or otherwise

4. anxiety caused by constipation

(etymology: combination of "uneasy" and "feces")
I'm feeling unfeasy because haven't taken a shit in 4 days.
by CC January 27, 2005
(verb) to lick or to otherwise saucily adulterate an object.
I thought he might McKizzle it right in front of me.
by CC November 18, 2003
Area of Alexandria, Va. bordered by the Potomac on the east, Richmond highway to the west, and Ft. Belvoir to the south. Generally, any part of what was once George Washingtons plantation, Mount Vernon. Everyone has money and nice houses. If you go to a party in the vern you will get fucked up and have a good ass time!!
Person 1: Yo man what you doing this weekend??
Person 2: Dude im stayin with my boy in the vern, were gonna buy a shitload of beer, play pong all night, hitup some mcdonalds drive through, then go skinny dippin with some hot bitches in the river!!!
by CC May 26, 2006

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