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An ephemeral regular poster that spams the Gaiaonline Chatterbox forum with threads about namedrops (Usually their friends or themselves), boring happenings or facts about their life and other nonsensical crap in hopes of becoming e-popular. They also tend to get their nudes leaked.

You can quickly spot them when they follow any sort of trendy thing that's going on in the Chatterbox at the moment; like making threads following a certain popular subject.

Some actually manage to gain a relatively popular status, but after a month of not posting everyone would forget them because they just aren't that interesting.

They're also considered 'Fail regs'.

Therefore they should NOT BE CONFUSED WITH A REAL CB REG.
CB whore #1: Hey sup let's become chatterbox regs by posting our usernames over and over again until people remember them!

CB whore #2: Awesome just let me finish posting my nudes!
by CB Guru March 06, 2010

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