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French(Quebec, Canada) word that means a Vagina. It can also be used to qualify a women as being a "slut".
"Cette fille là cé une vrai calice de plote, elle a fourré toute la sacrament de paroisse."
by Cack Master August 12, 2004
1. A universal word which can be used to express many different feelings including excitement, dismay, anger(incorporated with a death stare), aggression, and sometimes it is nothing more than a reason to hear ones own voice
2. What squirrels say
3. A crayfish who lives with Stache
$. Just say it and you will fall in love with it
1. Nyahh!!
2. From squirrel A to squirrel B: "Nyahh!"
3. Nyahh!!
by CAck Master June 25, 2003
1. a male who commits and act of stupidity in a public place.

2. the scapegoat for any act of stupidity you personally committed.
1. Dude! Look at that guy getting head from a fat chick!

2. Dude! It wasnt ME it was That guy!
by CAck Master June 25, 2003
A spiky haired individual who possesses an old man body and can only be described as Krusty!!
Dude look at Krusty!! he's getting head from that fat chick in that in Key West.
by CAck Master June 20, 2003
1. a very large pet goldfish who lives with Nyahh
2. short for mustache
1. Nyahh was attacking Stache when I fed him today
2. Dude that stache is totally 80's bro.
by CAck Master June 25, 2003

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