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The girl equivalent to a "sausagefest"

When lots of girls hang out at once.
Girl#1- Hey did you get laid at that party last night?

Girl#2- Nah, It was a total kittenfest.
by CATday May 14, 2011
"Thats what she said" is getting old. So the new phrase "Like my penis" or in more appropriate words, "Like my wiener" was established to take its place. It's used in a similer way to "Thats what she said"

Whenever someone says something that could also be referring to a penis, you say, "Like my penis"
Girl#1- Oh my gosh, this test is soooo hard!
Girl#2- LIKE MY PENIS!!!!!
Girl#2- LIKE MY WIENER!!!!!

^^^^It's the same thing
by CATday August 03, 2011
The lesbian equivalent to coming out of the closet.

When a girl admits shes a lesbian.
Guy-Should i ask Piper out?
Guy#2-Nahhhh man, shes coming out of the pantry tonight.
by CATday May 14, 2011

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