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The reverse typhlosion is the act of pouring cheap tequila down your lover's ass crack, proceeding to set it aflame, with the soul intention of fucking the fire away. (you look like the pokemon in the process.)
Bruce feels something wet dripping down his beautiful ass crevasse when suddenly it goes up in flame. In a fit of lust Bruce's lover Brunswick Thunder-Thrust jabs his mighty fuckstick into his ass crack to eliminate the fire. What a fucking reverse typhlosion that was.
by CarpetFucker April 15, 2014
A Backdoor Typhoon is a glorious sex act, in which you fuck a woman in the ass while giving her a swirly.
Dave: yo Dawg, how was that dank partay last night?
Chris: it was Gnarly, I gave Cheryl a backdoor typhoon. I think she hates me now
by CarpetFucker April 15, 2014
A derogatory word for someone who didn't flush.
"You didn't flush you shitterfuck!"
by CARPETfUCKer October 26, 2013
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