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Using an app such as Kikfriends to troll your friends (or someone you don't like) done by, posting their kik along with the photo of an attractive female. Thus, causing a giant wave of thirsty dudes to spam their phone.
Daniel: Hey Karen, I've been getting a bunch of strange messages lately D: (Lies)
Karen: Oh my god, I have too I've gotten 52 messages in the last half hour
Daniel: CHALLENGE COMP... I mean Hmm, I wonder why.
Karen: I KNOWWWW ! (Oblivious)


Fernando: Did you redline her ?
Daniel: To the max bro...
by CARACK man July 25, 2015
Depressed Human
Did you see that Alamar today?
by CARACK man October 02, 2013
When you're life is perfectly fine, and you do something to potentially ruin it.
Meek: Bruh, I'ma Rob the store

Drake: Don't meek bruh... It aint worth it.
by CARACK man September 18, 2015

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