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1 definition by CAP'N SAC

the act of one person completely screwing over another so all their friends can laugh obnoxiously and point at the unassuming victim.....this is mainly performed after baseball practice in a blue mitsuibishi outlander by four boys who run naked in the streets and touch each other with no qualms
group of friends: "hey lets dick job that bitch walking her dog over there"
dickjobber: "hey hey excuse me.....how do you get to route 9?"
dickjobbee: "well you turn left onto 516 then go down three lights and veer off to the right...youll see the signs."
dickjobber: "ok so left, 3 lights, follow the signs?"
dickjobbee: "you got it"
dickjobber: "thanks...thank you so much....oh and by the way....SUCK A DICK!"
by CAP'N SAC May 08, 2006
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