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This is what everyone thinks indie is in Australia.

kids who wear bright stripped shorts above their knees no matter what the weather, tee-bar shirts (all v-necks) with stuff on them like santa monaco 97, high socks vans or globe and always vans shoes, coloured rubber braclets, flat caps with brands they wouldnt have a clue of, always no matter where they are they have either a longboard, cruiser or penny board.

Hangout Spots:
Local carparks for longboaring
a McDonalds that everyone goes to

Public transport areas

Used Words:
Fuck, Sick Cunt, Shit, Bro, Oi and Hit up.
Indie Skater - "Oi bro wanna go and hit up the fucking carpark"
Indie Skater 2 - "Whoa you sick cunt at this time of day?(2:00 in the afternoon)"

Indie kids convosation
#sick #bro #shitcunt #fuck #longboard
by CAFAR1 August 28, 2011
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