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Woodbury is located south of the twin citys in Minnesota. Woodbury is home to preps, hot chicks, jocks, and cake-eaters alike. They are very rich and snotty according to there neighboring rivals of cottage grove. Woodbury has good sports that are always better then cottage grove. White boys wear there hats to the side along with preppy holister shirts and ripped jeans. To some retards this city is known as hood-bury even though woodbury is not at all hood and contains very little minoritys.
Jack: "We are so much better than everyone cuz we can woop them at soccer and hockey!"

Brandon: "Yea man we rock, lets go shop in Abercrombie in woodbury lakes."

Jack: "Hellz ya!"

Cottage Grove Kid: "dude your playing woodbury tonight?!?!"

Other CG kid: "yea man"

CG kid: "yo gonna get beat"

Other CG kid: "dude I know, I sure hate those preppy holister wearing faggots."
by CA orie June 08, 2009

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