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Doing lines or bumps of coke and ketamine at the same time
user1: Who wants to Calvin Klein?!
user2: I do, I do!!!
user3: You betta werk bitch! CK'ing is fierce!!
by CA dream'in August 02, 2006
1. an up and coming whore
2. someone who will be a whore in the near future
Sandy is a f'ing whore and her younger sister is a whorizon!
by CA dream'in August 09, 2006
This word has a negative connotation and can be used when you don't like something.
person1: Hey what's for dinner?

person2: I was thinking of brussels sprouts and liver.

person1: Blarky!

Bill: Dude lets go clean my garage out.

Dude: Blarky.
by CA dream'in August 20, 2009
Something you put down on the bed or other surface to prevent it from getting dirty or wet from having sex. Usually this is a towel, but anything will do.
person1: I am horny, lets get it on.
person2: Well I just changed the sheets so put a landing pad down!
by CA dream'in August 20, 2009
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