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A term often used in the Southern regions of the United States in reference to African-American individuals that possess a darker
than average skin pygment (Darkening
skin color). These 'Jiggaboo's" often appear to be seen in the dark even in daylight hours, as the whitening of their eyes and teeth appear to glow through the darkness of their skin tone surrounding the eyes and mouth.
"Damn Jethro! Didja cee dat big-o "Jiggaboo" werkin' hind dat couner in-a store? Datsa bout' da biggizt O'Niggah-Jiggaboo I evah dit cee!

(As the inbread Hillbilly smiles sideways through his scatter toothed mouth full of long-cut,generic chewing tobacco.- Go figure, Look who's talking!)

~CA (Caucasion, non-racist...Like a laugh though)!
by CA March 29, 2004
Crazy, insane, flipped out
Did you see what happened when dave insulted his mother?

He went Bugnut.
by CA March 20, 2004
The alpha socket is the zone between being fully conscious and unconscious. You are conscious but the unconscious is in the foreground.
I took a hit and was in the alpha socket for quite a while.

Purportedly, Jimmi Hendrix was a master of moving into the alpha socket at will.
by ca January 27, 2005
an 80s band with a song called "Tic Tac toe" that you should download right now
Lets go to the kyper concert
by ca November 28, 2003
A slash fiction, much like a Goblin King
My god, that Clinton/Gore Dear Angel was scary!
by CA January 18, 2004
Most things being said on here are really false. Binghamton is what "YOU" make of it and obviously most people who have written what a terrible place and school Bing is have obviously not made anything of it for themselves. Sure, it is cloudy and rainy A LOT and yes it is very much Jews and Asians.But really... Go somewhere else if you hate it so much and believe it or not, many people are very happy to be there and would not want to be going to Cornell instead. Also for the record, soem of teh sorority girls are quite pretty, and far from fat, therefore yes, they do wear Solos and look great!
I went there and can prove this
by Ca March 31, 2005
Someone that is consistent in making comment or gesture that is not funny nor tasteful, at the same time this individual usually thinks he or she is actually funny or appropriate.
"Ha ha... Did you hear Nate when he was talking to that customer and trying to sell them carpet? He's major "CHEESER".
by CA March 29, 2004
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