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1.) Term made popular by Beavis and Butthead.

2.) One who exists to knock on ass. Arguably an accusation of homosexuality.
Beavis: Heheheh, move bunghole!
Butthead: Uh, shut up buttknocker! Uhuhuhuh.
by C2Y October 03, 2005
1.) An emotionally and socially dysfunctional person, driven by irrational desire(s) to put the entirety of humanity and the technology and innovation that brought society to the current peak of development out of comission for the sake of being "green".

Much like a schizophrenic, environmentalists defend their beliefs by citing paranoid ideation and theory with no basis in reality.

Environmentalists have banded together, using theatrics, literature, and pop culture to manipulate, guilt, and decieve the unsuspecting into setting aside perfectly good lifestyles, products, and manufacturing processes for inefficient, overly costly, and counterproductive ways in the name of being "green".

It should be noted that the use of "me too" advertising, elitism, and pop culture depiction of green as "hip" and "cool" has met with varying success toward those with limited mental fortitude, although igniting a backlash amongst the more intellecturally capable.

2.) A social status seeker (see: conformist) with little technical grasp of the underlying concepts, attempting to jump on the green bandwagon in a misguided attempt to become "hip" or "cool".
Jane was an environmentalist; she drove a Toyota Prius plastered with liberal bumper stickers and looked down her nose at everybody else who didn't.

So blinded by her self righteous status seeking crusade was she, that as Jane looked down her nose at the beat up 80's CRX passing by, she failed to realize that not only did it return 10 more MPG on two decade old technology, but was paid for and already returning savings to its owner. It also did none of the environmental damage that Janes Prius did, having already been manufactured some 20 years ago.
by C2Y March 29, 2009
Variation of "Asshammer". Somebody who exists purely to pound on ass (see "malletize"). Usually a gay man or somebody who is suspected of being gay.
Noah: I think Garrett likes the cock.
Chris: What an ass mallet!
by C2Y July 17, 2005
1.) Machine shop "technical term" for beating the everliving shit out of something with a hammer to produce the desired results.

2.) To forcibly apply a hammer to something. Sometimes people malletize things to vent steam.
Machinist1: "WTF? This part isn't fitting!"
Machinist2: "Thats cuz' you haven't malletized it yet."
by C2Y July 17, 2005
1.)Shortened form of "buttknocker", made famous by Beavis and Butthead.

2.)One accused of performing anal sex.
Ryan: Dude, lets make a fire.
Arlo: Shit, I forgot to bring matches!
Chris: You buttknock!
by C2Y October 03, 2005

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