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The act of pouring gasoline over your penis and then proceeding to have anal sex with someone until either they or you reach climax. At this point, you withdraw, strike a match, and light their asshole on fire.
Guy 1: Dude, I gave that ugly chick at the party last night a Crazey Marquez!
Guy 2: Oh fuck, did you burn your cock off?
by C0urante May 25, 2013
Anybody in a marching band who actually enjoys participating in it. Not so much a derogatory term as a remark upon the sheer irrationality of having fun with an activity that requires so much time, sweat, and tears.
Johnny: I love measuring out yard lines on the beach so I can test my step size even when I'm away from my beloved field!
Swampfire: Whatever, marchtard.
by C0urante September 12, 2011
The tenth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the second month of autumn. Similar to rocktober but generally a lot cooler.
Halloween occurs on the 31st of Bachtober.
by C0urante October 06, 2011

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