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Queer is used to describe someone thats kidish. Like a kidish person. Someone that is a teen: 13 14 15 16 17 18, or older that acts like a little kid. Iz sorta ok for a 13 yr old but, not a 20 or 18 or 19 yr. old, thats just plain creepy. And they would get called queer. Bcause the way they act or say stuff. Like scream I SCREAM 4 ICECREAM! or still plays with dolls.

Basicly, iz someone who acts like a lil kid thats not one. Or doesn't want 2 grow up. And/or believes everythin someone tells them.
----- ----- ------ ----- ---Examples ---- ----- -------- ---

Queer Teen: hello Mrs. Fairy(in wierd voice playing w/dolls) Why hello there Mrs. T-Rex.

Normal Teen: Umm... wat r u doing? I stopped playing dolls since i was 9!
Queer Teen: So Wat. Theres nuthin betta 2 do
---- ------ ----- ------ ----or------ -------- ------ ------Queer: Weeee. .... ..*pretending hez a jet plane in thier bakyard*
------- ------ -------- ----or-- ---- ------- ------- ------
Teen Boy: Hey, lets go play spin the bottle w/ the girls.

Queer Teen Boy: Spin the bottle???

Teen Boy: Uh, ya dont u kno how to play??

Queer Teen Boy: Um... u mean that 1 game were u spin a bottle.. and then who ever lands on u kiss?

Teen Boy:Ya

Queer Teen Boy: eeeeewwwww! I dont wana kiss a girl! Girls are gross!

Teen Boy: OMG, ur such a Queer!
----- ------- --------- ------or-- ------- --------- -------
Vice Versa w/ girls
---- -------- ------- ---- ----or----- --- ------ ----- ----
Queer: YaY!!! Care Bears is almost on! Care Bears is almost on! CaRe BeArS iZ aLmOsT oN!!! CARE BEARS IS ALMOST ON!!!!!!!!!

Kid: wat did u say???

Queer: didnt u hear me, care bears is almost ON!



*Instead of Care Bears Pimp My ride is on*

Queer: What???Waaa aaaa aaaaaaa aaaaa aaaaaaaa aaa...... ......!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! *pouts & screams*

Kid goes along with em: WAAAAA AAAAA...... ......!!!! !!!!!!
---- --- ------- ------- ----or------- ------ ----- -------
*Teen & Queer argue over somethin*

Teen: OMG, ur such a turd

Queer: Nuh uh! Ur a turdle!

Teen: nu uh, ur a birds piece of white TURD!

Queer: NU UH ur a brainiak who likes skool!

Teen: duh, no im not

Queer: duh ya u r how come u keep on saying turd? huh

Teen: thats slang not vocab.

Queer: Wats a turd?

Teen: OMG, *lols* that means poop. O-M-G ur such a queer!

Queer: wuts a queer?
--- ----- ------- ------- -----or--- ------ ------ ----- ---
*A teenager who old plays w/ baby toys* is also a queer
------ --------- ----------- -------- -------- ----- --- ---
Hopefully u now know wat a queer iz, thank u!
by C00K!EZ R0X! February 24, 2007

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