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Masturbation. The act of pleasuring oneself using manual stimulation. One handed-tussle. A less aggressive version of the 5 knuckle shuffle and cousin to the 2 hand tango. A fistful of man dollars. Pulling on the old wad. Jerkin' the gherkin'. Slapping the ham. Pounding the pig. Pullin' the skin flute. One hand short of a 2 hand tango.
After yet another unsuccessful night out, John went home alone and was reduced to doing the old 1 hand waltz.
by C.M.E. Barnard June 20, 2007
A euphemism for masturbation. Dollars equate to a "wad of cash" or simply, a "wad". And having a fistful of such is to have a firm grip on your "wad", or to be in the act of resurrecting the one-eyed yogurt slinger.
After hours of watching erotic film, Terrence got a fistful of man dollars and then slipped into a sweet sleep.
by C.M.E. Barnard June 20, 2007
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