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The most accurate term for those alcholic beverages with umbrellas and other fancy assorted decorations.
"I'm going to cram this silly lookin foo-foo drink in your boo-boo!"
by C.J. Guff August 13, 2004
An object one is not familiar with.
"What is that peculiar foodad protruding from your bunghole, Oliver?"
by C.J. Guff August 13, 2004
Slang for flatulence.

See also fart
He emitted a moist analcharge from his anus into the waiter'f fucking eye.
by C.J. Guff August 07, 2004
Agwon (n.)- abbreviation for "Going on"

Formed in the cesspools of New Jersey, it became common slang for those to lazy to say going on.
Oy, whats agwon you chickenfucker?
by C.J. Guff August 07, 2004
Pussywillow(s) (n.)- A comical reference to any person(s) who display flamboyant or unstraight behavior.
I say Oliver, you are indeed a pussywillow!
by C.J. Guff August 07, 2004
Exclamation; game in which a dog will retrieve an object for the one who has thrown said object; adjective expressing positive feelings (see cool or rad); command
Roger and his dog played fetch
"Wow, Elaine, that dress is fetch!"
by C.J. Guff August 07, 2004

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