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A mythic group of young warriors who pound out miles of walking each year on their little slice of graceland, beer drinking, acid dropping, hash ball blazing, opium smoking, roll crunching, mushroom obliterating, peyote trancing holligans that know how to have a good goddamn time. No matter what time of day or night and no matter if kanye west has his foot shoved ever so slightly up his ass.

"Holy shit Darkness!! Did you hear that!?"

"Yeah man, its just a couple of those bonnarooligans raising some hell."
by C. Sampson May 25, 2009
stoner slang. to be cool or fuckin hip. if youre down with the rubnab, youre down with anything.
man this party is so rubnab
by C. Sampson August 26, 2008
multiple riders on a single handlebar moustache
Did you bring your pass!? The moustache leaves in five minutes via Burt Reynold's community moustache ride.
by C. Sampson March 16, 2009
The act of inducing a Xanax-like coma and intentionally slamming your vehicle in a ditch to take a nap.
Dude is such a ditch napper. I bet he has a couple bars left in his pocket and a sign in his grill.
by C. Sampson April 02, 2009
the subtle dance coaxing a girl into allowing you to plug the backdoor and also the act itself.
"My wife let me whip out the electric wookie backdoor boogaloo and cork the brown eye last night."

"Righteous, much."
by C. Sampson May 25, 2009
Burrito Bomb Burp- Also known as the Triple B. The undesirable urge to blast out a bomb like burp after ingesting one nauseating burrito.
Man, I just ate one dank ass burrito from the crazy chicken and it gave me the Triple B for sure.
by C. Sampson March 31, 2009

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