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males or females who are attracted to both sexes, this does not always mean sexual attraction, and is usually labeled as confusion.

there are three types of Bisexuality

1. Genuine- you are actually attracted both males and females, and not just wanting attention, they are just that way.

2. closet- guys who are gay but just don't want to admit it, and say they are Bisexual

3. idiots following the trend that bisexuality has become, usually to get negative attention.

Karen is bisexual, she is dating Michael, but has feelings for Beverly.

Joan is not bisexual, she just makes out with Hillary to get attention from guys.

Steve-"I say Bill with some guy the other day, is he gay?"

Bob"no he's Bi, he has a girlfriend"

Steve- "who is it, is she hot?"

Bob- " I haven't seen her, how the hell should I know?"
by C. N. Thomas May 25, 2007

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