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Any religion that is basically non-Christian and that is not the standard belief is considered to be Witchcraft.
Although, true Witchcraft is not a form of Wicca, because it is the oldest relgion known to mankind. We are the believers in the power of the elements and the healers of herbs. Witchcraft should be recognized as a formal religion, not just as a cult.
Many persons who practice the craft, also have developed a deity in which they place their faith, Some call on the Fates for support, or even names that have become associated with Satan. Witchcraft has nothing to do with Satan,as this is a concept brought about by the Jews and the Christians.
I usually just consider myself to be Pagan and leave it as that, because of my many beliefs in the power of the elements.
Because of this belief, we also believe in the power that knowledge is also part of the power of the fates. And the new technologies that are appearing on the earth should not be dismissed. Because Witches have the tendencies to heal with herbs and many times will use Spells in their healing, they also believe that sometimes new medical technologies may be required in order to heal a person.
Simple Witchcraft is used to heal the spirit, just as Christianity is designed to heal a person's soul using the power of the belief in Jesus Christ.
Witchcraft/Pagan beliefs are also used to heal the power of the spirit, because all things on this earth have a spirit, whether it is a cat, a dog, a man, a woman, or even the simple computer or the chair in which you sit upon. Everything has a spirit, this is a basic Native Amercan belief.
We are NOT practioners of Satan, this is a Christian concept and since we do not believe in this deity known as Jesus Christ, common sense can only say that we do NOT believe in this being known as Satan.
Witchcraft, Paganism, The Craft, Wiccan, Druidism, Bubastic Paganism are all forms of Withcraft because they are not believers in the basic Judeo-Christian Mythology a.k.a. Judaism and Christianity.
But they are a religion within themselves.
by C. McAlistair-Benefield December 03, 2007

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