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Linking back to the Han Dynasty, the last ruling dynasty in China, Woj is a VERY exclusive word only used by the Royal Blood line of "The Jow." Meanings can consist of actions varying from extremely superior (bossy) characteristics to the very taboo.
Person A: "OMG, Amazing Holly!"
Person of The Jow: "yes that is the woj"

Person A: "I Burned my scalp today with the curling iron and then I just pealed the scab off and now it hurts..."
Person of The Jow: "That is so woj!"

Person A: "So I was on my period last week and now I have to go to the OBGYN."
Person of The Jow: "I didn't need to know that you were woj-ing last week..."
by C. Jow October 22, 2007

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