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The state of being in which Mario and Luigi are able to shoot fireballs. By touching the white flower, the Bros. gain said "flower power" to use against Koopa (see also Bowser) and his various henchmen.
"Hey Mario, let's ice this goon with some flower power!"
"No, lets just bust his fuckin' kneecaps!"
by C. J. Guff October 09, 2004
A fun game designed in the Garden State. To play read on.

Lemon, Safety Scissors, Wood Plank

First, take the safety scissors and bang them upon the wooden plank until they break and are potentially lethal. Then, grab the next Australian person you see and slash his achilles tendon. Retrieve bowie knife from his person. With the bowie knive, tear out lemon meat leaving only the peel. Finally chase people around with it
(making its lips move, and shout, "Gimme a kiss!) at random. Enjoy immensely.
Not tonight Oliver, everytime we play Gimme a kiss you end up going to jail and i have to wait until after the trial to experience illegal bottom pleasure.
by C. J. Guff September 14, 2004

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