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2 definitions by C. Hollywood

A Mexican, or any other Mexican looking person (usually males between the ages of 13 and 20), who are scene and/or hardcore. This term is commonly used between two white girls describing a hot Mexican scenester. This term includes Mexicans that are, but not limited to: punk, screamo, xcore, emo, indie, badass,and straight edge
"Shit, do you see that mexcore guy over there, he's so hot, I bet he would really like these cute bows in our hair..."
by C. Hollywood November 11, 2006
When a midget eats out a woman, especially a porn star. It is called cup caking because actual cup cakes are small cakes, and cup caking is a small person having a sweet snack.
Midget:Wow, who ever came up with cup-caking is a genius

A really hot girl into midgets:you're tellin me...
by C. Hollywood November 11, 2006