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Not caring; I don't care.
"You know, what you said to me wasn't that nice" "Whatever" Might as well say, I don't care.
by C. Felix August 09, 2005
Any Enya, Yanni, John Tesh type of music. Stuff you'd expect to find in day spas where colonics are routine.
Felix: MAN! I was scared to get that hose up my ass, but that colonic music calmed me down.
Dennis: Who was it?
Felix: Enya...Only Time.
by C. Felix November 07, 2005
The date of your conception
One day, while talking to my mom, she mentioned I was made on Dec 3rd (I was born Aug 19th) December 3rd is my XY day. (both dates are true)
by C. Felix November 05, 2005

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