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The term "democracy" derives from ancient Greek: "Demos" means the mob (of citizens) + "Kratos" meaning ruler(ship), i.e., government. Therefore Demo + cracy = Mob Rule.

We are NOT ruled by the mob; we are ruled by the Media. Therefore we are a Mediocracy.
In a Democracy, rulers are chosen by the mob, according to their promises to do whatever the mob thinks it wants. Before taking office, they must first take an oath to only do what everyone wants and never to do anything that everyone does not want. This is called the Oath of Office. Because not everyone wants the same thing, the ruler in a true Democracy can never actually do anything because everyone cannot agree on anything. But in a Mediocracy that pretends to be a Democracy, the Media constantly criticizes the ruler for doing everything, anything, and nothing, because the mob cannot agree on anything and must be told everything that they must disagree with, so that they may continue to disagree with everything as the Media so directs in order to remain in power.

Individuals in Media who are chosen by others in the Media to rule over US, before taking office, must first be sworn in, whereby they swear never to do anything that exceeds Mediocre. This is called the Oath of Mediocrity. Thereafter nothing of actual value may ever be permitted.
by C. Ed Wright September 27, 2010

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