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dill-dod-iks; noun or adj.

The science or study of dildos and the origin of their creation. Trademarked by Dildotics Incorporated, circa 2002.

Adv. Form
The situation of participating of acting like a dildo, douche, or cock smoker.
After finishing college with a major in dildotics, I will further plan to make giant pleasure giving penises to woman across the world; those with pussies the size of trashcans, ones like a Bear Claw.

Why the fuck was Scott acting so dildotically?
by C. Beauregard January 13, 2008
kum-steigh-shun; Noun;

Similar to a bitch that just likes the cum or even if a girl is just a big slut or a cock gobbler.
Should I got to Hannah or Mandi's house and unload a jizm glaze (spooge)on her face cuz she's such a cumstation?
by C. Beauregard December 16, 2007

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