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Pronounced: (Lo-tray-moan)

1. An adjective used to describe anything or anyone of very strange character, usually something with geniusesque insight into a certain subject.
"Man, I was walking by this babbling schizophrenic today. The dude was Lautreamont."


"That's f*ckin' Lautreamont bro! Brilliant!"

by C. A. August 03, 2007
A person who is by nature quite meek, passive, and tends to conform, who, somehow, has acquired great, frightening power without actually deserving it, usually through the use of numbers (as with acquiring a large population or following)
"Man, I remember those f*ckin' preps back in High School; always used to tease me 'n shit. F*ckin' Laser-Lambs"


Person 1 (conformist): "I'm very independent, thank you! Now let me recite a passage from my Bible, although I've never read a book other than the Bible!"

Person 2 (non-conformist): "Go read a different book, gain a bit of knowledge, you f*ckin' Laser-Lamb."

by C. A. August 03, 2007
Used when describing a very attractive girl.
"Man! She was a Cathedral. When I entered, I had to thank the Lord" or: "Man, that girl is a Cathedral. I'd be a religious man just to enter her doors"
by C. A. August 03, 2007

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