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Godly; awesome; jesus-like
That song is so Zaloom
by C-dawg May 24, 2003
a word to replace cool
Man that new hat you got is palathendiferic
by C-dawg September 30, 2003
you down?
Hey man lets get some ice cream. Jacumba?
by C-Dawg October 06, 2003
An extremely unattractive or disgusting person who miraculously gets the hook up with many people, although no one can figure out how they manage to do so because the person is so unattractive/has no positive qualities whatsoever.
That girl is a honak, why do guys like her?!
by c-dawg February 08, 2004
A slang word used mostly by eastern canadians to make any sentence a question.
1)I watched the hockey game last night eh?
by C-dawg May 02, 2003
A very potent alcohol, generally made crudely by poor people or alcoholics. It's easily noticeable by the particles floating in the concoction.
Lukey is gettin tangly on da swish tonight budday.
by C-Dawg February 17, 2005
latin for Christine is the coolest girl in the world.
Christine is a digerati
by C-dawg May 12, 2004
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