4 definitions by C-EAZY

"A celebration Boogie Used by Crips Bacc in the day after they had accomplished somthing big Usually the feet are pivoted and exhanged with heel-toe movements and hops"
" checc that fool is tryna crip walk"

"Gangsta's dont DANCE they BOOGIE"
by C-EAZY October 20, 2003
A woman with fake ass breasts (rebuilt breasts)
"Dayum she had some noyce rebuilts"
by C-EAZY October 20, 2003
The Northern Cali (bay area) of saying the word MAN!!!
"hey MANG wass crippin???"
by C-EAZY October 20, 2003
Short version for gangsta crips
"Dayum nigga u down with GC118?"
by C-EAZY October 20, 2003

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