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When your partner receives sexual pleasure from you and doesn’t return the favor.
Person 1: Man, what happened last night?

Person 2: I brought this girl home and did all kinds of stuff to her then she rolled over and went to bed!

Person 1: She one sided hookuped you!!
by C Willis November 30, 2006
To have a fetish with transvestites
Guy 1: Man, that girl over there is really hot!

Guy 2: That’s a guy, you ceccanti!
by C Willis November 30, 2006
The act of colliding an eating or cooking implement consisting of a long handle with a rounded metal or earthen container used chiefly for domestic purposes (as in cooking or for holding liquids) immediately after having a member of the opposite sex receive an act of sexual gracious kindness and having an unequal display of affection in return. The purpose of such act is to get the opposite sex to leave the premises and hopefully have the person never engage in such an act again.

Guy 1: What was all that noise last night?

Guy 2: I brought this girl home, and she one sided hookup me. So I had to pot banger her ass out of the house!
by C Willis November 30, 2006

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