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To be hit by a elbow, also known as the "chicken wing slap". Harder to deliver, as it requires your opponent to be behind you, but more effective than a punch, since your wrist would twist slightly as your fist connected, reducing the overall force exerted. A elbow can be delivered quicker, so it hurts more, often with a quick jolt of your shoulders.

Chicken winging somebody in front of you is not advised.
After this chollo slapped my head against a paper-thin aluminin locker, I chicken winged him off my back and stomped his teeth in.
by C Tan October 28, 2005
Something that hypocritical pricks on Urban Dictionary decide to criticize and say that they'll won't buy it to remain "non-conforming", yet buy it anyways in secret.
UD Poster - I bought a iPod, because I'm a slave to the Apple Corporation. Also I have a fetish for anything thats covered in a albino-white casing that demasculizes my otherwise tough-looking street clothes.
by C Tan February 26, 2006
A course lecturing in the virtues of yellow supremacy, and the delusional outlook on how life would be if orientals had ruled the world. "Asian Studies" majors are typically very whiny about the lack of opportunities of the socially inept Asian male, and the objectification and "theft" of "their women".

Exceptions from the stereotyped zipperhead students, are creepy white guys who have malnourished preteens chained at his kitchen to cook his meals, and "culturally enlightened" folk who congregate together at StarBucks in order to agree on opening new coffee shop chains to preach their "postmodernist" virtues.
Asian Studies Major: Look at me, I scrog self-hating, rice-eatin' chicks with a hyperplatinum credit rating on my Premium Wells Fargo account! Don't fuck with me, nor point out my obvious social insecurities less I drop a six-figure income onto your ass!
by C Tan November 12, 2005
Excellent way to keep virgins from leaving their homes.

It makes sure their useless genome does not contaminate the rest of the world.
I don't think girls care if you got a level 80 Death Knight in World of Warcraft if your still 29 and didn't get laid yet.
by C Tan September 02, 2007
Where a bunch of stupid teenagers try to race by singeing off all of their pubic hairs with Tabasco Sauce.

Hey lets have a Tabasco Challenge!



Thank god the Tabasco Challenge renders anyone who participates impotent.
by C Tan September 18, 2007
People who WILL rule the world, and WILL become idol figures of society. Why? Because even if they are unskilled dolts, they have something you pimply-faced squibs don't have, charisma.

Charisma is the magnetic attraction that makes populars, popular. You can flaunt your overpriced cheesy college education however you like, but once the popular enters the scene, his sheer dead-sexiness will acquire him that management job, cutting the floor beneath your pasty ass. They are natural leaders, you are not.

If you can't become a popular based on your looks and desirable personality, there's always a faster and more effective way, being a bully. They'll think twice before they cross your line-of-sight again.
Hot-legged Office Secretary: Well Mr. Wong, everything seems to be in order here.

Socially Inept Geek: And may I inquire you to have a personal appointment with me at the annual Californian Astrocon Cosplay Convention? Wear spandex *wink* *wink*

Hot-legged Office Secretary: Security!

20 Minutes Later, candidate for interview #34 shows up

Ex-high school popular: Duhm, do you have an application?

Hot-legged Office Secretary: How about I invite you into a steamy 30 minute session of casual office sex?

Ex-high school popular: Life has never been so easy! Out of the way nerd!

He kicks the unconcious Socially Inept Geek aside, pushes all of the office items off the desk and closes the door
by C Tan November 16, 2005
Alot of people seem to have the exact definition of patriotism wrong.

Patriotism is the pride in your country, to love your nation because of what it defends and maintains, or in our case, freedom.

However, some twisted fuckers confused it with nationalism, which is NOT patriotism, and is really to submit yourself to the authority of your government, and do everything you can do maintain the survival of your militant nation, especially self sacrifice in the name of blind hate and racism.

A real American example of patriotism is one that defends our rights of protest and freedom. This may also include debating our Federal Government's decisions on social security, medicare, banking, as well as wars.

A fake, sick, un-American, nationalist bigot is some idiot who supports unjust wars in the name of getting to watch muslims die on CNN, without any interest in improving or reforming unjust social and political conditions.

by C Tan October 17, 2007
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