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The point at which you can no longer date a girl. She has told you too many secrets, or you took too long to make your move.

You are now in the friends zone, and there is no return.
Guy - Hey girl, I've been thinking, we've been getting along pretty good now and I want to take you out on a date, I really like you.

Girl - Awwww I think you're a really nice, sensitive, understanding guy, but I love you like a friend. So, just friends?

Guy - (thinks) Damn I'm in the friends zone.
by C Levon August 12, 2006
Artist and repertoire (A&R for short) is a music industry term that refers to the division of a record label that is responsible for scouting and developing talent; AR scout. The A&R department is the link between the recording artist/act and the record label, and is often required to handle contractual negotiations, find songwriters and record producers for the act, and schedule recording sessions.
"meet marty, local label AR scout" - MC lars
by C Levon August 09, 2006

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