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1. An act of sexual intercourse.
2. A contemptible person

3. The act of sexual intercouse.
4. To break something esp. mechanical.

5. An exclamation of annoyance, frustration, surprise, pain or ecstacy.
1. She was a great fuck last night.
2. What a lazy fuck he is. He's a fat fuck. What a lucky fuck!
3. I'm gonna fuck her brains out tonight.
4. My watch is fucked. That's my chances of winning fucked.
5. Fuck sake! Fuck off!
Fuck, he's stinks of BO!
Fuck me, I can't believe it!
Fuck, they're going to win now.
(During a blow job, being wanked off or when fucking) - I'm gonna cum, ah yeah, here it comes - oh, fuck! Fuck, that's good.
Ah, fuck! Who put that fucking chair in my way?!
by C Campbell April 25, 2008

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