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When a guy really admires another guy, but not necessarily in a sexual or romantic way. Opposite would be a girl crush.
John Mayer has a boy crush on Justin Timberlake.
by C & B February 10, 2004
A person that prostitutes himself or herself on a media outlet, preferably a reality TV show (i.e. Joe Millionaire), in the hopes of sustaining an ample amount of their 15 minutes.
Why does American Idol attract the biggest famewhores?
by C & B February 10, 2004
A fake holiday made up by Hallmark that makes people feel like they have to participate or otherwise they're a loser.
Valentine's Day sucks ass.
by C & B February 15, 2004
N. One of the best early '90s childrens TV show. It was a bit low-budget, and corny, but very addicting. About a group of junior high students that try and solve mysteries with the help of their white, dot, ghost-like friend. They communicate with him by writing words out.
Rally J!
Lennie had no singing talent what so ever.
You gotta believe, and reach for the stars...
by C & B February 15, 2004
Ghetto-ass community college that is so broke and with no cute ppl (except for us).
If you are ugly you go to Cerritos College.
by C & B February 09, 2004

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