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the street where the best baseball team in the world plays, yes thats right, the RED SOX!
I'm goin over to Yawkwy way to see the Red Sox kill the Yankees.
by c April 01, 2005
a middle-eastern vagina
That persian bitch was so hot I would stick it in her kushboo.
by c February 27, 2005
fancy wank (v). To use an ugly bird's
fanny to save wear and tear on
your hand.
Last night he went out the club and had himself a fancy wank.
by C February 24, 2004
shaking like a flatpack wardrobe
(sim). descriptive of the female
equivalent of vinegar strokes.
I knew I had hit the right spot when she was shaking like a flatpack wardrobe
by C February 24, 2004
jizziotherapy (n). A three minute
one-handed massage that relieves
stiffness for up to half an hour.
I had to go to the rub and tug for some jizziotherapy last night.
by C February 24, 2004
cock lodger (n). A bloke who lives in
his bird's house without paying
Girl: Her boyfriend lives with her.
Guy: Oh, so he's a cock lodger.
by C February 24, 2004
Small manufacturer of Korean cars that was at one point owned by Daewoo but is currently independent. Ssangyong, meaning "Twin Dragons" produces the ultra-luxurious Chairman Sedan, based on the Mercedes E Class, the uniquely styled Rexton SUV, the ubiquitious Musso, and the jeep like Korando. The company does not market in the US but has sales in Europe and Asia.
Ssangyong asserted it's independence from Daewoo following the troubled Korean automakers bankruptcy.
by C February 05, 2004
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