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119 definitions by C

A type of slang language mainly used by African Americans.
Hey yo, let's go rob dat bank and shoot dat person and smoke dat weed yo.
by C June 15, 2004
70 55
a ring with a noticeably large clear stone (real or fake) placed on the ring finger of the left hand to look like an engagement ring with the purpose of keeping away men at bars
She wore her drinking ring to the bar to keep the erieites from hitting on her
by c March 04, 2005
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clown's pie (n). A very, very wet
"Finding ourselves alone in the
shooting lodge at Balmoral, Her Majesty
bade me descend to her lady garden.
After 50 years of widowhood, I found her
to be considerably aroused. It was
like being hit in the face with a clown's
pie". (From "The memoirs of Queen
Victoria's Ghyllie" by John Brown ).
by C February 24, 2004
17 5
spam butterfly (n). a finger assisted
close-up pink shot in a bongo mag.
It was spread wide like a spam butterfly
by C February 24, 2004
16 5
the street where the best baseball team in the world plays, yes thats right, the RED SOX!
I'm goin over to Yawkwy way to see the Red Sox kill the Yankees.
by c April 01, 2005
25 15
cf. the horns
in reference to the Penny-Arcade comic of August 4, 2004
Tycho: Jesus Christ threw up the horns?
Gabe: What can I say? Jesus is fucking metal.
by C January 07, 2005
14 4
docker's tea break (sim). Descriptive
of something very long.
"Oh, what
a tiny little man", laughed Veruca Salt as
she saw the Oompah Lumpah. "He
may be small", cautioned Mr. Wonka as he
turned briskly on his heel, "but
he'll have a cock as long as a docker's
tea break.") From 'Charlie and the
chocolate sandwich', by Roald Dahl.
by C February 24, 2004
17 8