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Boonton is filled with wannabe ghetto kids and guidos. Spiked hair and gel is part of the game. They think they can make fun of ML for being rich, but that obviously only shows their jealousy b/c it's not like ML kids brag about it really and the ones who do are f*ckin gay. A lot of the kids are meatheads and most girls are skanks. Overall just a trashy wannabe town that will never compete with the big timers.
Yo vinnie, pass me the hair gel and fcuk fitted shirt.

Hey shawana, how many d1cks did you score over the weekend?
by C April 18, 2005
The act of sex in missionary position. The woman's legs and the woman's legs (all four approximately parallel) "create" the tines of a fork.
"Men prefer forking, women prefer spooning" he said to me.

They were forking all night long.
by C November 23, 2003
A type of generic spam often found on Internet message boards and forums. Sometimes used to simply disurpt a thread, other times used more malaciously to flood or disable a forum.
Thread Topic: How 'bout them Bears?
Post A: Yeah, they doin great this year.
Post B: Their contract deals suck, they're going down fast.
by C March 25, 2004
noun, a sleep. can be used as "nap".
I'm going to go have a schlep.
by C March 27, 2005
WGWAG (acro.) White Guy With Asian Girlfriend
WGWAGs are a rare breed
by C January 06, 2005
Not local. A state that accompanies many stupid questions like "omg, we drive on <i>this</i> side of the road?!?"
"shut up you f-ing foreigner"
by C August 21, 2004
Hot Mike-The act of crossing you legs indian style and being able to do a handstand at the same time while taking a shit and letting it roll down your back and balance the shit on ur neck
Instead of using the bathroom mike gave him self a hot mike to use his shit as entertainment
by C March 15, 2005

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