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9 definitions by C Star

snarky and sarcastic at the same time.
god, you are so snarcastic today, whats worng?
by C Star October 05, 2005
30 9
kissing while you are cuddling.
I love to smuddle with you.
by C Star August 09, 2005
11 5
When playing cards...organizing your hand according to suit and in numerical order.
Player 1: *deals cards*
Player 2: Ok. Lets suitarize and then play.
by C Star January 01, 2006
3 0
Magnificent but five times better.

quint=5 so 5 times better.
This has been a magnifiquint day.
by C Star June 08, 2005
5 2
basically this is anyone who is considered a space case, twink, or ditz. It is usually referring to girls but it can apply to guys as well. the person must be in high school and must be considered to be one of the "popular" group. this is what the "pop" in poptart refers to. the "tart" part of it is easy: fake, slightly stupid, and annoying. Tart is an old insult so it makes sense here.
That girl is such a PopTart. Why dosn't she ever think for herself?
by C Star July 15, 2005
12 11
basically a word that can be substituted for any swear word but will not make the other person take offence simply because they don't know what it means.
To sister(or other annoying person): YOU...YOU...STINDIN!
Mom: Don't call your sister names.
You: But Mom it means sister-who-i-love-and-adore!
Mom: Oh, well...ok,i guess.
by C Star September 02, 2005
6 6
Eric Clapton. Many say this and many believe it. What can I say? Just listen to the way he plays...
Eric Clapton is God.
by C Star October 05, 2005
27 28