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One of the many, many priceless contributions from R. Crumb - perhaps passed along by this misanthropic genius from someone else. It refers to a male with a ferocious posture, threatening gaze and aggressive stance, but a guy who will actually cave in and whimper when faced down in earnest.
Her hero was in fact a rough tough cream puff: he would threaten others and put on a big show but somehow never managed to get into actual fights. He was big and belligerent but basically a coward.
by Byron Black June 14, 2007
Shut up and squat. A variation on the famed 'Keep clam!' of Ivor's Acres of Clams in Seattle, Washington. Problem is, it sounds like a back-formation for 'clam up', which it is not, sort of.
You didn't lose your billfold. Look through the car. You'll find it. Just shut up and clam down.
by Byron Black September 30, 2007
One of the mutant Japanese-English (Japlish) words that works well enough to make its stately entrance to the language at large. Further, it fills a hole that needs to be gooped up, as there is a strong design current that nothing else, well, quite targets so sweetly. "Melty" describes objects with soft corners, sagging curves: imagine taking a buck-ugly 1970s GM product and subjecting it to about a thousand degrees Celsius for just long enough for the metal bits to start to lose their hard edges (forget about visualizing the glass, plastic and rubber please).

Contemporary audio equipment design. Some cameras. Nova-deco architorture. All "melty" in their own way.

Name comes from an unspeakably icky Nipponese chocolate bar.
Those new Porsches have gone all hard-edged on us. I used to really like those '50s melty ones.

He bought him a ghetto blaster, one of those expensive ones with the melty look, all rounded out.
by Byron Black May 10, 2007
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