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An evil, self-centered, homophobic, criminal, greedy, tyrannical, un-educated, red state, dumb-ass, NASCAR-watching, backward-ass, christian, redneck, hypocritical fear-monger that opposes abortion, stem-cell research, gay rights, evolution, and basic human logic, while cheering loudly over war of all kinds, thriving on torture, stripping populations of civil rights, practicing closeted gay sex with adolescents, and making policy dicisions based solely on profit and and greed and wrapping it all in a cloak of "morality" and "family values".
Republican thought is the real terrorism.


Jesus was definitely NOT a Republican.
by Byll O'Rylley November 07, 2006
The state of the Republican Party and all their supporters after the 2006 mid term elections.
As a result of the 2006 mid-term elections, Dennis Hastert, Republican House, George Bush, Dick Cheney and all their supporters (including Bill O'Reilly and all Fox Anchors) are instantly bestowed the well-earned title of "losah".

"You're a republican? What a losah!"
by Byll O'Rylley November 07, 2006
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