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The male penis engaged in the act of sexual congress late at night or in the early hours of the morning.
1. "Once everyone had gone to sleep I asked her if she wanted a midnight sausage."

2. "She was begging me to administer the midnight sausage."
by Bweahns May 31, 2009
A solid, inexpensive no frills naked street bike from Suzuki with the 1200 being popular with stunt riders. Also comes in a 250 model popular with learners and a mid range 600 that isn't seen so often.

Easy to ride and can be fun for people who aren't race track types or who don't enjoy being hunched over for long periods on a sports bike.

Also a budget option for people who can't afford a Street Triple.
"This wog in a suped up Commodore was over compensating at the lights so I left him in the dust on my Bandit which is worth one tenth what he put into that inefficient penis extension. Ho ho ho."
by Bweahns May 31, 2009
Like a regular power fish with the difference being you engaged in anal sex prior to it's release back into the wild.
"Hey lads, Shazza finally promoted me to a Brown Star General. Afterwards I unleashed a Brown Power Fish"
by Bweahns December 11, 2008
The act of defecating in a bed and then squashing the resultant faeces with the top sheet and/or quilt to hide the evidence.

Can be accidental due to a loose stool or a deliberate act of revenge. Popular in a hotel environment where it can prove an unwelcome surprise.
"I found out my girlfriend had been cheating on me so I gave her a brown sandwich while she was at work and left with all my stuff."
by Bweahns December 11, 2008
Slang for an amputee.
I love me some putee porn, check out this threesome; come to think of it this is more like a two and a halfsome.
by Bweahns April 06, 2011

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