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1 definition by BvilleKOKid

There are many levels of getting high (usually when referring to marijuanna). The order of severity varies sometimes from culture to culture but for the most part the order is as follows:
1) high - you're hungry
2) ripped - you're laughing and hungry
3) stoned/ baked - EVERYTHING around you is analyzed for a deeper meaning
4) chill - so high that you're like the above the influence commercials (perhaps turning into a cocoon)
5) Chey - so chill you can't even pronounce 'chill' and just stutter out 'Chey' (this is based on the origin of the word from Syracuse, NY)
"Man...I'm so chey"..."I've had a messed up day, let's just get Chey"..."I got $40 to Chey with"
by BvilleKOKid July 14, 2009