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The most infuriating computer in the world! These machines cause people to go mad. Infact I am on one now!! But No, apple still manage to flood the market with rubbish goods such as the ipod!

They have stopped manufacturing them with the useful handle on the top, because they found that when people got really mad about the fact that their mac has just messed up again, People would pick them up (by the handle) and throw them out the damn window, which could hurt a valuable member of the public, like a Windows user.

Dont get me wrong though, I think macs are ok, but the egotistical advertising campaignes, and pompus claims that apple broadcast really get on my nerves.
Mum, I got you a new computer
Me - cheers mum
Mum - yes, its one of those apple mac thingys
Me - take it back you silly bitch, and get me a proper computer
by Buzzy May 22, 2006
A Takeaway Pizza (in box)
"Im just gonna pop out to get a Scouser's Laptop, you comin'?"
by Buzzy August 13, 2006
another word for haemmeroids, or piles.

Somebody who regularly refers to their unfortunate ailment as their "pet grape" and rather perennial, and they feel somewhat attached to it
Oh dear, I think my pet grape has popped out.

by Buzzy January 21, 2007
A slang name for a womans pussy,
named after a scotish singer.
Show us your Rod Stewert
by Buzzy August 01, 2003

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