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Pornog is a jargen term for the word pornography
I caught my broham watching pornog on the computer last night.
by Buzz KILLER February 17, 2013
An expression used to describe how terrible a situation is.
this exam sucks worse than a bag of dicks.
by Buzz KILLER February 17, 2013
when you destroy your pants when you shart or shit your pants and it completely ceeps through your clothing.
dude checked out that guy over by the drinking fountain he Shit Nuked his pants hahaha.
by Buzz KILLER February 17, 2013
when a man or a women shits hot diahrrea, then rubs their ass in it and stamps shit prints on objects or even people as a practical joke.
Last night, we pulled the best prank on Jake. Kyle poo stamped his bed, couch, and his sink hahaha so gross!
by Buzz KILLER February 17, 2013
Stone wrecker - the bitch or dude that won't shut the fuck up when your trying to enjoy your high. The ones that won't stop talking or stop bitching.
Omg blah blah blah blah bitch blah blah blah bitch blah blah blah . STFU your being a stone wrecker. Or your home girl coming bitching about stupid shit and u just don't want to hear it when your high and just wanna watch family guy. STFU stone wrecker.
by Buzz killer March 22, 2014

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