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3 definitions by Buttsacola

A vegetable dish thats a favorite among dykes, that helps the ladies maintain healthy bowels.
Nancy made the ladies a lezbean casserole.
We women need our lezbeans to keep us regular.
by buttsacola July 30, 2010
You are getting a blowjob and just before you explode, you tell your partner to smile then you unload your cum all over their teeth!
Man she gave me such a great blow job I crested her!
No blow job is complete without crest!!
by Buttsacola July 29, 2010
This is when you fuck a short, fat girl or guy in the ass.
Keisha and I are gonna do the humpty dumpty tonight!

Don't call me tonight. Mike and I will be doing the humpty dumpty.
by Buttsacola July 29, 2010