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The worst stuff MAN KIND HAS INVENTED!!!!!!!!!!
Nerd: I got an A+ on my math test

Me: I got a D+ but I wont use this math in my
grown up life so I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!!!!!

Next Day.......

Me: I guessed my math homework answers because I
wanted to go outside.

Nerd: oooooo, You're going to get benched.

Me: I don't give a dead bird's last shit!
by Buttlamo April 27, 2007
A Classified Operation launched December 15, 2007, as a
response to the /B/lockade in various rooms in Habbo Hotel.

All /W/hiteout Militants dress in white, Or as a
member of the Ku Klux Klan.

We are trying to prevent the Hotel from flooding from
Nigras. Remember, We are a non-Racial, non-Profit organization.
LOCATION: Habbosphere Pool Deck
OPERATION: /W/hiteout

Nigra: Pools closed due to aids!
KKKGuy: White Power
KKKGuy: White Power
KKKGuy: White Power
by Buttlamo December 16, 2007
A made-up word used to insult somebody

Nerd+Fag+Dork+Douche = Nerdafagadorkadouche
Kid: Hi can I butter your muffin

Me: Your a Nerdafagadorkadouche
by Buttlamo November 16, 2007
I think I found out what it stands for!

NULL = Nut Under Legal License

Meaning the Law will take the thing away because it isn't
under YOUR license.
I am the first one on the planet to find out what
NULL stands for.
by Buttlamo November 16, 2007

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