21 definitions by Butthead

A sarcastic way of stating real loser
Dubya is a real winner.
by butthead April 30, 2006
Canadian equivalent of wanker, tosser, etc. A useless person.
Butthead is a dicksmasher.
by butthead December 17, 2005
A person, usually a man, that is erotically involved or fixated on teddy bears. This is considered to be a fetish.
The furbert had a field day in the stuffed animal section and got the nickname in jail as "Diddle-Me-Elmo".
by Butthead February 06, 2005
kind of like lick my scrotum , was related as an australian pleasantry, referring to marsupials, i would guess
those poms can lick my pouch
by butthead April 02, 2008
one who belches up cum, usually lots of it
those banff chicks are all cumbelchers
by butthead April 02, 2008
cheezy, nasty, reeking like smegma
the milk went all schmeggy
by butthead April 14, 2008
Giving a woman a rimjob, and a reach around. Often involves blowing in the butt cheeks.
I gave your sister a rusty harmonica.
by butthead December 02, 2005

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