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Someone who conspires with people alike them to harm other people, or to create malicious content to harm another individual or group. Usually they're also in denial, claiming they're "above that, and the drama", or they play the victim, even though they're clearly attempting to hurt others. They never let a situation die unless they get the last word, and they feel the need to prove themselves to their social group and other social groups associated with their lives. Then, when they get cornered or their plan backfires, they usually try to get the authorities involved, claiming innocence and whatnot. They also abuse the words "Whore", and "Slut" very often.

petty bitchespetty bitchpettybitch
Petty Bitch D : Hey, let's make a hate page because that girl's into Lady Gaga and likes crosses!
Petty Bitch H : Yeah, she is so lame! What a bitch. Afterwards, we can spread it around!
by Buttflowerrocket October 17, 2012

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