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A Van that illegal mexicans travel in.. usually holding as many as they possibly can. They are usually old or ugly vans..
*Astro Vans
*beat up work vans..etc.
thats definatley a mexican van

look at that mexican van, how the hell did they fit ten of them in there?
by Butterflyhottie February 02, 2010
an annoying, crude, or obnoxious person. A person that is usually a smart ass.

a person that is such an asshole that they have their own species, if your an asshole and your family members are assholes, your probably buttholian.
your a stupid buttholian!
by Butterflyhottie February 02, 2010
A person that posesses a raggedy frumpy style of dress or hairstyle and wears it well. They look good, but they wear frumpy things.. i.e. baggy shirts, boy jeans.. grandma's clothes.. clothes that look nice but are for old people.
That girl is frumpulous
that shirt is frumpulous
she has a frumpulous style..
by Butterflyhottie February 02, 2010
A pair of shorts that typically lesbians wear, usually cut off just above or below the knees.. typically worn by a dyke.. manly lesbian.
mom, I dont want to wear those lesbian shorts, they're so ugly!
by Butterflyhottie February 02, 2010

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