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Someone who is really cheap and bullshits constantly. They like to make crap up and then argue about it. They generally have really bad skin and reak of cheap beer.
Ray is such a bullstinky, he brought a six pack to the party, drank all night and then left with 5 beers.
#stinky #bull #cheap #acne #bullshit #drunk #drink
by Butterbutt June 10, 2006
When a person goes psycho, throws major bitch fits and ends up looking like a total jackass.
Ugly Ray went cobra at work and now everyone hates him and wants to kick his back stabbing ass.
#jackass #asshole #looser #suckup #jerkoff
by butterbutt October 08, 2006
When a woman takes a snickers bar and sticks it up her pussy and then makes her boyfriend eat it out of her pussy.

Also known as a 3 musketeer munch or a baby ruth gobble.
Julia is kinky, she ties my hands behind my back and makes me eat a snicker snack after dinner.
#chocolate #eat #food #pussy #munch #snack
by Butterbutt June 11, 2006
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