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The foamy frothy schmeg that collects around the ring of your cornhole after you take a spicy or runny shit. Sometime it can almost be in a jelly consistancy. CAUTION sometimes doo doo butter can make you feel like your shitting razor blades.
Wendys Wild Mountain Spicy Chicken sandwhich gave me the worst case of doo doo butter.

You can Doo Doo it yourself :)
by Butter n' Butter January 27, 2004
Marinella's black pussy leftover pussy trimmings stuck under my nail after I'm done fingering her schmeg-infested crotch.
After finger banging her rotten crotch, it looked like I had dipped my hands in the Labrea Tar Pits. Nasty Bitch
by Butter n' Butter January 27, 2004
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